• Keep Your Home Happy with a Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

    When you think about home repairs, the first things you probably consider are the things that need to be fixed. Whether it’s fixing the garage door that's sticking or the floorboard that creaks under the living room carpet, these repairs need to be handled. But there are other projects that need your attention year round, and you will need the support of an experienced company that offers seasonal home maintenance checklist.

    Here are some seasonal handyman services that Handyman Connection can help you with throughout the different seasons of the year.

    Spring Seasonal Handyman Maintenance Checklist

    • Check your decks and porches. You’re going to be spending more time outside, so it’s a good time to see if your wood decking needs to be refinished or if any cracks in paved or cemented areas should be fixed. This can be a safety hazard, so it’s important to check your decks and porches to avoid accidents.Contact your local Handyman Connection contractor today for more information about deck repair and remodeling.
    • Wash with power. Power washing is a fast way to clean up outdoor surfaces, whether it’s your home’s exterior, debris in walkway crevices or potentially hazardous mold built up on brick or cement paths. Contact your local Handyman Connection contractor today for more information about deck repair and remodeling.
    • Pull out the paint. Springtime temperatures are ideal for painting, whether it’s your exterior wood trim, siding that is beginning to peel or items that need to be stripped and resealed. Having a handyman touch up the exterior of your home can save you from a complete overhaul paint job, which can cost thousands of dollars

    Summer Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist 

    • Adequately insulate your attic. Insufficient insulation and poor ventilation can make your home feel “hot from above” and will drive up your energy bill. Having efficient insulation can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.
    • Check your gates and fences. Fence boards can loosen over time and gates tend to sag as they get older. If you’re looking to completely replace your fence or you’re just in need of some basic fence repairs, Handyman Connection is at your services.  Installing an additional hinge on your gate can prevent future sagging and prevent unwanted visitors and family pets from getting loose.
    • Change air filters in your furnace. Dirty air can cause health issues, so changing your air filter regularly will help filter out allergens and keep your furnace running efficiently.

    Fall Seasonal Handyman Services 

    • Start storing for winter. This is the best time to start storing any patio furniture, a barbecue grill and disconnecting garden hoses. The weather elements at this time of year will do damage to these items, so don’t forget to store these away for the season. If you need help with shelving and storage, look no further than Handyman Connection. 
    • Adjust your garden sprinkler system. Your lawn and garden don’t need as much water in the fall and winter, so this is a good time to adjust your system to minimize watering times and days. This will lower your water bill and save you hundreds of dollars every year.
    • Check and repair electrical outlets. Check for frayed wires and loose-fitting plugs, as they are potential fire hazards. Also be sure not to overload your outlets or any other power service. Making sure your electrical outlets and wiring is important all year round. Make sure your home is safe and have a licensed electrician come out and inspect your electrical outlets to ensure everything is up to par.

    Winter Seasonal Handyman Services 

    • Check for proper insulation. A simple way to determine if you have air leaks in your attic or basement is to have a handyman check your insulation for dark spots. You could be wasting hundreds of dollars a year with inefficient insulation.
    • Check the roof. Damaged or missing shingles and broken flashing seals around chimneys can cause leaks during storms, which can lead to further damage to the inside of your home. Hire a handyman to check the roof and blow off leaves as they hold unwanted moisture.
    • Clean your gutters. Debris and muddy water can back up and cause damage to your siding and wood trim, which can cost hundreds of dollars in repair bills. Hire a handyman to keep your gutters clean.
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