Tile floor with a checkerboard pattern

2018 is here, which means you have probably resolved to make some home improvements. If you want to remodel but don’t have enough money for a large-scale project, consider updating the look of yo...

Home Improvement, Newsletter

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aging in place couple

The concept of “aging in place” has become increasingly common over the past several decades, as baby boomers consider options and make decisions about how to spend their golden years. Most don...

Aging In Place, Home Improvement

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home maintenance calendar

As much as we’d like our homes to run themselves, they do require regular maintenance. A well-maintained home looks more attractive and functions more efficiently. Proper maintenance also allows ...

Home Maintenance, Newsletter

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prevent pipes from freezing

From late fall on into winter, holiday parties, family gatherings and other special occasions are the focus of families across the country. At this wonderful time of year, no one wants to worry abo...

Home Maintenance, Newsletter, Plumbing

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